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Baboons Pass breakaway with the Jeep Club SA - 14 to 17 June 2013


Baboons Pass

The Baboons Pass rises from 1,300m altitude to more than 2,850m at the summit and has a length of 26 km.

The pass, starting from near the Ramabanta Trading Post Lodge is possibly the most remote, roughest and impassable pass in Lesotho – more suitable for donkeys and pedestrians than for vehicles.

Insiders consider the challenges of this pass to be on par with the famous Rubicon Trail in Tahoe (USA).

It’s synonymous with jumbo rocks, dizzying precipices tugging at your vehicle, drivers who give up and helicopter rescue missions.


A total of 19 Jeeps assembled during the afternoon of 14 June at Ramabanta Trading Post, some 80 km east of Maseru. 18 Jeep Wranglers of different execution and one Jeep Commander.

It was interesting to see that most of the Wranglers were in standard execution, no lift-kits or oversize wheels.

What is then so astonishing: Where most teams tackling the Baboons pass prepare for a two-day trip, all Wranglers made the trip within the same day without any major damage to any car. Yes, some scratches and a few minor dents or a lost number plate, but no mechanical failure or becoming immobile. Or is it really astonishing? It's a Jeep Thing!

Congratulations to Jeep for giving us THE ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD VEHICLE and to all drivers and their co-pilots for behaving in the most responsible manner.


Charity event: THEETSOA Primary school

At about half distance travelling up on the Baboons pass Theetsoa Primary school is nestled amongst the hills at an altitude of some 2,000m.

Jeep Club members opened their hearts and brought most welcome clothing and school utensils. A donation made by Chrysler SA to the school was highly applauded and will be used to repair and maintain the current school building.

A large number of these school kids are orphans under the care of the villagers.


Drive to the Maletsunyane Falls

The Maletsunyane Falls is the highest waterfall in Southern Africa, falling 196 metres in a single drop (nearly twice as high as Victoria Falls, though a fraction of the width). The village of Semonkong is nestled on the banks of the Maletsunyane river, upstream from the Maletsunyane Falls. It is called ‘The Place of Smoke’ after the characteristic haze created by the waterfall plummeting into the gorge.


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